I’ve Dreamed About White Nike

Drawing and Painting




220x110 сm


“I’ve Dreamed about White Nike” emerged from a series of painting called “Chasing Nike”

I used over again Nike of Samothrace, her wings and the space between those wings like architecture trough which light is distributed with intensity that’ placed somewhere between the palpable and the memory, between the dreams and the ghosts.

In one chapter of Moby Dick, Melville talks about the whiteness and its essence, the sublime and idealistic importance that many different cultures attach to it, and the real translucent nature and upsetting power that it contains, asking the question: … why is it at the same time a vivid symbol of the spiritual things and something that whip up the worst?… Is that the colorless color of the atheism from which confines us.


Skopje, Macedonia