Четирите ѕида на внатрешната слобода





80x100 cм


This project is a protest against the fast consumption of the massive culture dictated by society. In the social history, vast quantity of energy and power were invested in making people part of a particular form that controls the world; a form where they should act according to specific rules, based on religions, traditions and cultures grown out of a defined type of thoughts. The woman is considered as the example that usually succumbs to the struggle towards these borders. My piece expresses the freedom of the woman, or her inner struggle for identity and acting as an individual in the world. The goal of my work, same as the general goals of the Art, is to enhance the human spirituality, by a constant questioning of the existence. The anonymous identity of the figures in the photography, the emptiness of the feelings, is what markes the drama of the human existence.


Скопје, Македонија