At the end of the third edition of the International Fair of Contemporary Art – Paratissima Skopje, a total of 16 awards were announced and given. Ten of the awards were given by Paratissima Skopje according to the selection of this year’s jury which was composed of: Safet Ahmeti – art historian, Ivan Blazhev – photographer and art director and Martin Guleski – architect.

The Global Village Artists Network awarded Maria Jimenez Herrera from Colombia with the opportunity to join the international Global Village exhibitions in 2018 in Germany and Denmark

One award was given by the jury on behalf of the association for the support of Macedonian culture in Italy – “Ponte di Pietra” while a selection of two artists which were awarded with individual exhibitions was made by Flux Gallery and Coffee Bar Gallery Concept 37, both from Skopje.

Below, you can find the names of the selected artists, accompanied by a brief explanation provided by the jury.

  1. With the project Templum Eternum, Hristina Sekuloska and Irena Milojeska using a clear and precise form open to interpretation, negate the equally clear and precise social parcelization and division of habitation, territories, and wider geo-strategical divisions.
  2. Asja Mucha in a sculpturally emphasized manner gives different aesthetic and analytical dimension to one of the most basic necessities and problems of everyday life – lighting.
  3. Andrijana Andreeva, through classical painting, demonstrates potential for thorough research of illustration and design.
  4. Luca Grossi, by crossing different visual expressions through a melancholic prism addresses the permanently open questions regarding out inconsistency and insecurity.
  5. Anja Ilieva, through different techniques of photography as a medium, attempts to raise awareness among young people, regarding the consequences and physical transformations of those suffering from one of the most common illnesses – tumor.
  6. Erica Vitale, using analog photographic techniques intertwined with textual messages, succeeds in portraying the constant transformations to which we are always exposed as a result of the social differences.
  7. Sojing Hong, using architectural elements and different perspectives expressed through clear and precise linear constructions, combined with other types of materials, succeeds in creating diverse relations between the elementary and the spiritual.
  8. Tom Hughes, in an unambiguous manner, captures the inconvenience of human presence in unknown locations.
  9. Hanis Bagashov analyses a well-known anthropologically – social topic, but leaves an impression with his refined expression in using the language of film and symbolically circular narration.
  10. The research collective CAMRA offers a selection of documentary movies which are thematically different but treat current topics, visually expressed through and ethnographically-research narrative with a powerful and clear message.

Award “Ponte di Pietra”:

Viktorija Poposka, mastering the common painting techniques of drawing and acryl, succeeds in connecting the different stylistic divisions of the 20th century with the contemporary topics and problematics, which are not only current but additionally emphasized.

Global Village Artists Network Award

Maria Jimenez Herrera from Colombia won the Global Village Artists Network prize: to join the international Global Village exhibitions in 2018 in Germany and Denmark

Flux Gallery, Skopje: 

  • Hristina Sekuloska and Irena Milojeska
  • Tamara Zabaznoska

Coffee Bar Gallery Concept 37:

  • Marija Koneska
  • Elizabeta Lindner Kostadinovska