Sensible Systems: Art is research and development (Italy)

13 June (Cinema Frosina) | 18:00-20:00

The goal of the workshop is to show how technology can act as a powerful medium for creating digital art projects and interactive installations.

Design Thinking Jam (Luxemburg)

13 June (Flux Gallery) | 10:30-14:30

Design Thinking is a human-focused, prototype-driven process for innovation. In this crash course you will develop a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of Design Thinking and you will learn how to implement your new knowledge in your professional work life.

Entrepreneurship for Artists (Luxemburg)

13 June (Flux Gallery) | 15:30-19:30

The workshop puts in focus the question: where the artist enters the role of an entrepreneur? Is that when marketing the art pieces? Networking with the potential stakeholders? Creating the business plan?

Performance Workshop ‘Repetition’ (Poland)

13 June (Serious Interest Agency - SIA) | 17:00-21:00

Karolina Kubik, who examining the axis between the human body and geopolitics, will run situation-specific worskhops (13.06) and perform situation (14.06) entitled: REPETITION – preferably call it a rove rather than a journey.