People of the Past Today





32,5x32,5 cm


Ironic, surprising, sometimes surreal. The project “People of the past today” are unpublished portraits and futuristic ancestors, characters with a name and a surname, who really existed (in my mind), magical photographs ideally found in a dusty attic, tell a distant past or a closed future. Curious creations, photo-montages, de-contextualized objects that create a sort of parody of the classical portrait addressed to our imagination, taking us beyond the real, in a parallel world created by the inspiration of the artist. Past, present and future merge in a clever game of references and quotations from Dadaism. Through puns we meet funny characters, like the dreamer or the photographer, several personality representatives of the modern man, multifaceted and elusive, graphically reinterpreted with a retro flavor, by current techniques.


Macherio , Italy