The Green Streets (Viridi plateis)





90x120 cm


The installation consists of 7 sections, in which a Plexiglas color technique and a mosaic of Plexiglas are used. The piece is a mosaic map of mosaic streets. The streets are green; green streets of youth, green streets of new hope, of new beginnings, of a new life. The green streets represent freshness, strength, patience. Green streets filled with attentiveness, wisdom and balance. . Green streets of silence. A powerful silence amid the streets, with no form, nor substance, one that links different times. There are no walls that can stop the silence that awakens the inner peace buried in the disappearing cities. De-compounded cities, de-compounded streets, de-compounded houses and people. A de-compounded reality stands reborn. Reality conveyed through the green streets.

*Green color-symbol of a new life, regeneration, awareness of the environment
*Vindi plateisthe Latin word for ‘green streets’

Mi Eva

Skopje, Macedonia