White Table





3:12 min


“White Table” is a video work which emerged from a repetitive, recurring sound; it’s a journey of embracing and getting rid of it and a dream, which allowed me to visualize it. At first there is nothing. Silence or loudness erase my surroundings. My mind starts wandering. My body drifts and the ground falls out from underneath my feet. I sit down at a white table, laid with white pots, plates and cups. Dinner is ready. It comes falling from the sky. Gravity reverses. Black merges into white. A thought rises and an idea drops inside. I draw inspiration from things I cannot fully grasp, or which I cannot put into words. It can be a state of mind, a sensation or a strange dream. I don’t know where it comes from, what it is good for or what to do with it, yet I believe it is meaningful. Through sharing this imagery I hope to address people who are just as curious and fascinated as I am about the strangeness of things.


Helsinki, Finland